Reaching a healthy weight is an important part of looking and feeling your best. It can increase your confidence and, even more importantly, help you become a healthier you. If you’re not sure how to lose weight in the healthiest way possible, there is a way, and we can help. At Timeless Wellness Clinic in Pleasanton, CA, we can give you the right tools, techniques, and a personalized program so that you can achieve real results and maintain your results long-term.

How To Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Reaching a healthy weight is critical to your health, and though weight loss is complicated for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. There are healthy ways to lose weight without compromising the quality of your life, putting yourself at risk of negative symptoms, or starving yourself. With the right plan and the right techniques, you can reach your goal weight and maintain it long-term.

Avoid Fad Diets

Every year, a different fad diet becomes the new cultural go-to for weight loss. Celebrities, bloggers, and maybe even your friends and family will swear by this new diet.

However, the latest diet is typically just a fad diet. The goal of a fad diet is to restrict caloric intake and cut out certain food groups to lose weight fast. While a fad diet’s end goal is weight loss, it’s not maintainable weight loss. No one should try to sustain a fad diet long-term because doing so is neither healthy nor reasonable.

The Problem With Fad Diets

Many people quickly realize that after completing a fad diet, they haven’t learned how to change their lifestyle, eat the right foods, or stop binging when they return to their normal eating habits.

They typically gain back the weight that they lost and sometimes even more. Fad diets are popular for those looking for a quick fix, but successful weight loss takes time, commitment, and dedication. It requires the discipline to evaluate your diet and exercise routine and make lasting changes to promote your current and future health.

Use an Online Food Tracker, App, or Device

There are different online food trackers, apps, and devices that you can download or buy that can help you keep track of all the food you eat, your activity levels, and your vitals. These tools can do everything from tracking your calories to providing a platform where you can log your activity for the day.

Using Digital Tools to Your Advantage

These tools and techniques will give you a better idea of how many calories you’re eating on any given day and how many calories you’re burning during exercise and at rest. Fitness watches and apps can track your steps, monitor your heart rate, and give you different information about how your body is operating throughout the day so that you can make the necessary changes to promote weight loss and live the healthiest lifestyle possible.

These devices and apps can help you locate your blind spots. You may not realize that your afternoon snack has far more calories than your body needs during your weight-loss journey or that you’re not burning enough calories during your workouts to promote weight loss. You’ll make the necessary changes while watching these devices’ results each day.

Consider a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

If you are wondering how to lose weight the healthy way, there is a foolproof method that won’t put your health at risk or cause potential side effects. Medical professionals oversee supervised weight loss programs. They will evaluate your health and help you begin a weight loss program that takes your goals and your current health into account.

You can trust that a medically guided weight loss program is the safest way to lose weight because there won’t be any guesswork. You’ll listen to and follow the recommendations of your weight loss team and can feel confident knowing that everything they suggest and every tool or technique they use to help you along your weight loss journey will support your health and weight loss goals.

The Dangers of Taking Weight Loss Too Far

In an attempt to lose weight, some people take matters into their own hands and take things too far. They either follow a fad diet for too long or over-exercise and deplete their bodies of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and suffer the consequences. Some of the signs that you’ve taken it too far in an attempt to lose weight include the onset of specific symptoms, including hair loss, anemia, and protein deficiencies, among others.

Consider Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is one of the most important factors in determining weight loss. Still, most people overlook their metabolism and therefore don’t reach their goal weight as easily as they could. If you have a slow or sluggish metabolism, you will have difficulty losing weight. There are different ways to speed up your metabolism and lose weight quickly and safely. However, it’s very difficult to determine your metabolic rate independently, which is where we come in.

Our Personalized Metabolism Evaluations

A personalized metabolism evaluation answers the question, how do you lose weight the healthy way? Your metabolism is important to weight loss, so when you’re beginning a weight loss journey, you need to know the current state of your metabolism and proceed accordingly. Then you can move forward and lose weight while giving your body the support it needs.

Metabolic Testing

Metabolic testing involves a series of that we perform to determine the state of your metabolism and the number of calories you must burn to lose your desired amount of weight. These tests measure your oxygen levels and how your body uses calories. The resting metabolic rate test creates a baseline and determines how many calories you burn when your body is at rest.

We typically perform this test in the morning, and the process takes 20 minutes to complete. To get the best results, it’s important that you avoid both exercise and eating for three to four hours before the test.

Basic Metabolic Rate Testing

Once we obtain your resting metabolic rate, we will obtain your basic metabolic rate. This information will tell us how many calories you need to eat for normal body functions.

This number gives us a foundation, a starting point, so to speak, from which we can determine the number of calories you need to burn to lose weight. To obtain the results, we will ask you questions about your activity level and gather details, including your age, weight, and height, to get accurate results.

Fitness Testing

Not only can we perform metabolism testing, but we can also perform fitness testing. During this part of the testing, you will exercise either on a stationary bike or a treadmill and breathe into a device that will measure your oxygen. This test determines how your body burns fat and uses calories during exercise and activity, determining how you need to exercise to reach your weight loss goals.

The Purpose of Metabolic Evaluations

The point of all three of these different tests is to gather precise and accurate information about your body and metabolism. Some people have a fast metabolism; others have a slow metabolism. If you don’t know how your metabolism operates, you can’t lose weight as quickly or as healthily as you would like because you’ll have no starting point.

Once you understand your metabolism, everything changes. We can show you how to eat, what to eliminate, how many calories you need to consume and burn throughout the day, and how often to exercise to reach your goals. When you have a personalized program, you’ll feel confident as you trust the process and watch the weight fall off.

Who Is a Candidate?

Both fit and unfit individuals make good candidates for personalized metabolism evaluations. It’s always better to learn more about your body to understand how it operates and how food and exercise affect your system.

Once you have a better understanding of your metabolism, you can take the steps and make the adjustments to lose weight and live the healthiest lifestyle possible. Whether you want to lose the last five pounds or 50 pounds and beyond, this testing process can help you reach your goals in the healthiest way possible.

Lose Weight the Healthy Way

If you’re wondering how to lose weight healthily, it begins with understanding your metabolism. From there, we can design a program that helps you reach your weight loss goals quickly, safely, and efficiently. Contact us today at Timeless Wellness Clinic in Pleasanton, CA, to learn more about our personal metabolism evaluations and how these tests will initiate your weight loss journey towards the healthier, lighter, more confident you.

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