If you keep up with the latest skincare trends, you might be wondering, “What is Plexr?” The short answer is an effective alternative to surgical procedures that tighten skin around the eyes and throughout the face and neck. At Timeless Wellness Clinic in Pleasanton, CA, however, we like to take our time with patients and answer all their questions, including those on this exciting treatment option.

What Is Plexr?

To answer this question, we’re going to provide a quick chemistry lesson, starting with plasma. This fourth state of matter is characterized by an overall neutral net charge between electrons and ions. To achieve plasma, a gas must be heated to an extremely high temperature. Its atoms and molecules then collide so vigorously that the electrons are ripped free. This yields the necessary ratio of electrons and ions.

Why are we telling you this? Because Plexr is a treatment that uses high-energy plasma to smooth and correct a variety of skin conditions. The handheld device ionizes air (gas) particles between its needle and the skin to form plasma. In turn, this matter creates an electrical arc that you might liken to a lightning bolt. When lightning strikes the ground, its current vaporizes anything within reach and leaves behind black carbon.

A Precise Skin Reaction

On the skin, plasma acts in a similar way by vaporizing cells. This effectively removes unwanted skin and simultaneously tightens remaining tissues and boosts collagen production. What you really need to know, however, is that you receive a treatment with wide-reaching benefits, free of incisions, stitches, or anesthesia.

The handheld device contains a very thin 0.5mm-wide needle that can treat even the most delicate of areas, such as the eyelids. And the technology behind Plexr is so sophisticated that no plasma is generated when the needle directly touches your skin or is too far from it. This makes for a precise treatment that does not harm surrounding tissues. In addition, no current is delivered to deeper tissues, meaning only the targeted areas are impacted.

A Range of Uses

Scientific studies reveal that treatment produces the following effects on tissues:

Collagen fibers immediately contract
Collagen cells begin to reorganize
New collagen forms
Epidermal tissues renew for a smoother, tighter appearance
Thanks to these effects and three different handpieces each optimized to address different concerns, Plexr can be used to correct:

Active acne
Acne scars
Skin tags
Lines and wrinkles
Stretch marks
Aging eyes
Turkey neck

Why This Treatment Is Important

While surgery will always be an option for patients who want the most profound and longest-lasting results possible, cosmetic therapies are largely moving away from having to cut skin. Many people today don’t have the time to endure lengthy recoveries, but they continue to seek treatments that rejuvenate their appearance. Plexr provides the best of both worlds, delivering proven results using the non-invasive techniques associated with soft surgery.

Soft surgery provides an alternative to traditional surgical practices. No blood is drawn during treatment, and results are both safe and reliable. Soft surgery is also much easier to perform than its counterpart and poses no serious risks for the patient or provider. Immediately after treatment, you can drive yourself and even return to work (unless instructed otherwise by our staff).

Minimal Recovery

A few simple steps at home will help your skin quickly recover. For instance, you’ll need to avoid using harsh cleansers and exfoliators on the treated area for about seven days. It’s also important you protect your skin from light for about 30 days. Additional restrictions include:

No vigorous activity or exercise for about 24 hours
No saunas or sunbeds throughout the healing process
No smoking or alcohol
No rubbing or picking the treated area
No shaving, plucking, or other hair removal methods until the skin is healed
In short, your skin should be touched rarely, if at all, throughout the recovery process. But you do not need to worry about changing bandages or dressings, and you can give your body a healing boost by drinking plenty of water in the days immediately before and after treatment. Vitamin C supplements will also fuel your immune system, and the use of oxygenated mineral makeup may additionally improve healing.

A Viable Alternative to Blepharoplasty

If you’re still wondering what is Plexr used for, here is perhaps the most common answer: as an alternative to blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). Although very effective, blepharoplasty does come with negative side effects. For starters, it takes about two weeks to heal, and during that time, your eyes may feel tight or numb. A change in eyelid sensation may last even longer. You must also wait to take full showers and can, for a time, only use dry shampoo on your hair.

A Different Approach

Plexr, on the other hand, requires none of these temporary lifestyle changes. You simply go about your day while taking a little more precaution with your skincare. We can even recommend products that work well with treatment to ensure your routine helps rather than hinders your results.

Your session can be completed in under an hour, including the time required to apply either a local anesthetic or topical numbing cream. Patients indicate treatment is completely painless, and thanks to the minimal time investment, you’ll be quickly in and out of our office. This is the perfect option for those seeking a gradual and scarless correction for many different skin concerns.

The Details You Need

One of the most attractive aspects of Plexr is its long-lasting results. You’ll enjoy tighter skin and/or the effects of an eyelift for five years or longer. Equally beneficial, some results show immediately after your session; full results continue developing in the coming three to six months as collagen production ramps up.

Plexr Is Not a Laser

In understanding what is Plexr used for, some people confuse it with laser. A laser targets tissues with a concentrated light beam. The light transforms to thermal energy when it reaches tissues and often requires a longer recovery period. Laser is also skin color and pathology-dependent. It’s less versatile than Plexr and produces a less uniform effect.

In contrast, Plexr is highly targeted to provide the most precise results possible. Many treatments cannot be used near the eyes because they pose a risk for serious damage. Plexr, however, removes this risk and creates tiny dots of plasma only when it’s within reach of specific skin tissues.

Ongoing Education

Many patients are both surprised and pleased to learn the manufacturer of Plexr, Italy-based GMV, supports providers from the moment they receive their devices. Training courses are periodically organized to provide information on the latest aesthetic medicine. Additional resources are also available to increase customer satisfaction and improve treatment delivery skills.

For patients, this means they can expect Plexr providers to be well-trained both in its technique and the best way to achieve individual beauty goals. Not everyone seeks Plexr for the same reason; one patient may want an eyelid rejuvenation, while another may want to tighten loose skin along the jawline. These goals require different application skills provided by GMV’s ongoing educational programs.

Who Can Have Treatment?

Plexr is versatile enough that patients of almost any age can enjoy its benefits. Younger patients opt for treatment to address naturally hooded eyes, while middle-aged patients with excess skin in their upper or lower lids seek more youthful appearances. Mature patients with crepey skin textures, unwanted eye bags, or skin folds likewise see wonderful results.

The Less Invasive Way to Smoother Skin

If you’ve been thinking surgery is the only way to rejuvenate your skin, it’s time to consider Plexr. As one of the most unique treatment options available, it can lift eyes, smooth wrinkles, and even erase scars without making any incisions. Recovery is quick and easy, and treatment itself can be completed on a lunch hour. Schedule your consultation today by calling Timeless Wellness Clinic in Pleasanton, CA.

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