Bend Beauty

The New Science of Skincare

The Bend Beauty potential for resorting skin youthfulness is linked to Skin Climate, a term we use to describe the underlying conditions that govern skin repair, breakdown and thus the aging process.

The most important factors that determine Skin Climate are:

1: Chronic inflammation 2: Free radical stress

Skin Aging

A Vicious Cycle

As we age, the body’s level of chronic inflammation and free radial stress increases, creating a Skin Climate that promotes skin aging. This process is further compounded by diet, lifestyle, and UV exposure, all of which adversely affect Skin Climate and accelerate skin aging.

Bend Beauty Values

There are so many facets that make up a company but there is only one that defines it. Purpose.

Bend did not start with a products. It started with a belief. “When you nourish all the connections something beautiful happen”. This influences and inspires everything we do from designing products, to customer experience, to how our operations impact the planet. This belief defines our culture and above all it gives us a purpose to “Create and celebrate a beautiful life.” – Marc St-Onge

Beauty that’s safe and pure

We don’t blame you for wondering about the safety and purity of your skincare products. We feel the same way about the products we use.

Bend Beauty Collagen products are made of natural ingredients and are completely safe to consume. Furthermore, their safety has been assessed and approved by Health Canada.

We choose ingredients based on their purity. Wild and organic are always our first choice. Most of all, we test every batch of our product to ensure they meet stringent Canadian and industry standards for quality and purity. With regard to our fish oil, it is free of heavy metals and greatly exceeds all standards set forth by GOED, the international gold standard for fish oil quality an purity.

A beautiful planet

Nature connects us. Sustains us. Nature also comes with great responsibility. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and we purchase power from 100% renewable sources.

We continually make efforts to examine our operations supply chain, and material consumption to reduce our ecological footprint.

We are also making signifcant commitments tpo giving back. As a proiud member of 1% of the Planet we give back 1% of our total sales to enviromental non-profits, now totaling over $1,000,000.

Environmental non-profit partners:

  • The Dave Suzuki Foundation
  • Environmental Defence
  • Nova Scotia Nature Trust
  • Ecology Action Centre
  • Health the Bay

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