Meet the Team

Amber Ross, PA-C

Amber Ross graduated from Stanford University’s Primary Care Associate Program in 2003. 

She has worked in various settings as a certified PA, including internal practice, family practice, sports medicine, dermatology, and esthetics.

Amber has always believed in wellness and has recently become re-activated in my quest for treating the root cause of disease.

I have joined a community of well known Functional and Integrative M.D’s who believe we should use every possible treatment that will be the best for the patient, utilizing allopathic and natural medicine.

A4M/MMI (Metabolic Medicine Institute) has been instrumental for me to gain the knowledge and confidence to begin healing myself and my community.

We can, and we will reach vibrant health together, and it is amazing how the skin becomes glowing and youthful once we become balanced. Cheers to your good health and beauty inside and out!

Wendy Harmon, Health Coach

Wendy works with patients in dietary and lifestyle shifts to heal their bodies and optimize their well-being.

Wendy understands that wellness looks different for everyone and prides herself on finding simple solutions to common barriers. She has a holistic approach to each client she partners with and is well versed in immunity, digestive health, and weight loss. 

She believes in the healing power of nature and has a passion for creating custom lifestyle plans to help her patients achieve all their goals.

Wendy holds a Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Our Unique Approach

Microbiome Balance

Hormone Optimization

Nutrient Efficiency


Weight Loss

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